06.02. Thursday 19:45


Inspired by the beat-movements of the 60s, present indie music, and singer-songwriters from the American South, Blahalouisiana delivers a fresh, energetic performance that soon became the favorite of thousands of musically conscious fans in Hungary.
Blahalouisiana's first single, 'The Wanderer' landed at place 3 at the biggest national radio station. Having played at all the remarkable venues in Budapest, Blahalouisiana is also present at the most important summer festivals. Blahalouisiana published its first 5-track EP named 'Tales of Blahalouisiana' in October 2013. Their first music video ’Tonight I’ll Dress in Blue’ arrived in November 2013, directed by award-winning underground director Viktor Horvath, featuring scenes shot in New York and Budapest. Blahalouisiana was chosen as a support band by MORCHEEBA in Budapest in December 2013, where they played their first sold-out show with an audience of thousands. The band published their first Hungarian single in April 2014, further broadening their audience and receiving even more airplay from several radio stations (around 15). Blahalouisiana was also featured on Balcony TV Budapest, performin ’Walking in the Rain, and winning the Global Music Rumble twice in a row. The song was also chosen as the Editor's Pick Song of the Month in June and People's Choice Show of the Month in October 2014.
The band signed with Hungarian pop and alternative record label Gold Record in 2014, and is publishing its first full-length album in April 2016, featuring new songs both in English and Hungarian.