09.22. Thursday 20:00


Whenever you listen to Elefánt, you will experience the beauty of vertiginous heights and unknown, tempting depth at the same time. Their songs are all like soundtracks for life: whilst hearing them, you can almost see all the magical and casual personas of their lightly-ironic stories. The variegation in the musical atmosphere of Elefánt makes you always explore something new: quick beats meet meditativeness, gipsy punk energies are released and they are all together are walzing with us in a powerful chanson-mood.
Their last album, Gomoly was released in 2015 spring was a real hit in Hungary, leading Deezer's top list for 10 days (being ahead of such foreign stars as David Guetta). The album release party oon A38 was a complete full house - which means to the band the most besides all recognitons this far. The secret of their constantly growing and loyal fan base is the ability of renewing music each time they create or perform. Elefánt's concerts are always an experience to remember, their directness and energies will always whirl every member of the audience - even those ones, who are standing at the back row. Theri next studio album is coming up in 2017 spring.

Szendrői Csaba (singer)
Tóth András (guitar)
Kovács Zoltán (keyboards)
Horváth Ede Bence (bass)
Németh Szabolcs (drums)