08.20. Monday 18:00

Sercli Feszt // Boogie Mamma, Malacka és a Tahó, Timur Lenk, #vellpuszcsi

Boogie Mamma
Boogie Mamma was established in 1999. Since then, they have become one of the most popular (and definitely the most funny) ska band in Hungary. They spice up the traditional ska music with some swing, reggae, punk, tango, rock and roll, calypso, hard rock etc. Their concerts can be considered as mixture of improvised „stand-up comedy” and performance. The texts of the songs can be read as absurd, satirical vignettes. Their firs album was released in 2005 (Laudation of small bosoms), then they published a book (Forty-four Boogie Mamma Newsletters and Some Other Wonderful Things, 2008) with a single. The second album wast simply posted on a blog (Metro Line Two, 2009). Nowadays Boogie Mamma gives concert once a year, which is always a mixture of a big show and a garden party, with lots of surprises.

Malacka és a tahó
Two years ago the band celebrated their 20th birthday with a large-scale concert and a jubilee album. The band known for its ironic, absurd lyrics. From May 1996 they performed at all major Hungarian festivals, wrote two movie clips, two soundtracks, released three albums, and featured a number of compilation albums.
So those who do not know about the gigs, they can know about their soundtracks or TV shows: from the 2007 Buhera Matrix movie or from the series "Munkaügyek".
The band is preparing a special gala party for the evening, which means 4-5 singers ont he stage!

Timur Lenk
Crazy rabies, self-indulgent happiness in a bouncy rhythm, this is what the band Timur Lenk offers to you. Everyone is better off to protecting their brain cells with lots of beer / splashes before the performance to avoid permanent damage.

#vellpuszcsi was founded in 2017 as a fictional girlband. It does not exist so much that it is, and is in concerto. They have no style. If you want to figure they out , it’s a little pop, some disco with Funky, hit by Street Punk. They do not spare anybody, not even themselves. Presenting today's Hungarian reality on the shadow of our favorite celebrities in our small country. Radios and televisions are chasing after them, crowds of crazy fans are looking for their songs, they're going out of the tap ... oeps not …
Motto: "I so want to be celeb"