09.04. Tuesday 19:30

Sin Seekas // Kettő Kettő Tánczenekar

Sin Seekas is a melting pot from Vojvodina in which ska, Balkan melodies, crossover reggae, and funk dancehall are mixed. 
Besides the daredevils from Vojvodina, Sin Seekas also has members from the Music Studio of Kobanya, Budapest, and from the Codarts Rotterdam Music Academy. The song Don Quijote is the forerunner of our first album appearing in September. Two fantastic musicians cooperated in this song, Miksa, the singer of Ladanybene 27 and Krsa, the frontman of Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra. 
Two spoons of spicy Balkan brass, a big mug of hot rhythm section, epic  guitar solos and a fabulous singer.