05.25. szerda 20:00

B.L.U.E.S. – Ian Siegal's All Star Blues Band

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A twenty-year friendship, born of a mutual love of The Blues, eventually brought these five multi-award-winning musicians together to share that love.
Ian Siegal, Big Pete (The Strikes,;The Backbones; M.O.C.T.) Mischa den Haring (T-99) along with Dusty and Darryl Ciggaar (The Rhythm Chiefs; Dry Riverbed Trio) had long talked of their desire to form a Blues band to both showcase their passion for the music that originally inspired them and for their own satisfaction in a scene that has been moving further and further from it's roots in recent years (and for Siegal a farewell to touring and into semi-retirement).
The project was halted by a global pandemic. But now they're ready again.
For two nights only.
Blues lovers. Playing the music they love.
Ladies and Gentlemen: This is B.L.U.E.S.

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